About us

We are a couple living in the southwest United States.

Scott is an Arizona native and grew up exploring the American Southwest. He love the outdoors and has many quests. Notably, he has visited all of the 400+ U.S. National Park Units (2019), all of America’s Treasured Places (all National Park Units, National Monuments, and National Conservation Areas, no matter who manages them) (2019), and all the windowless Chinese eateries in Phoenix.

Jen is a Midwestern girl, who did a stint in the south before ending up and falling in love with the southwest. Her very first airplane trip ever was flying solo to Germany right after high school graduation and she hasn’t stopped since. She is still working on finishing all the U.S. National Park Units and Treasured Places, but her love of international travel has significantly delayed finishing those quests.

We love traveling and we maximize everything in our life to accomplish our love of travel. Domestic U.S. or International, we love it all. We are both working on an international countries quest (Jen wants to visit 100 countries/territories before she is 50 and Scott wants to visit 50 before he is 50), as well as going to all the significant Manhattan Project sites, the ten U.S. Japanese internment camps from WWII (Scott has finished, COVID derailed Jen’s plans of finishing), and visiting a state park, drinking at a brewery, and camping in each U.S. state. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as our quests go!