Turks and Caicos (Nov 2021)

Grace Bay Beach

In November 2021, Scott and I headed to the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos to join friends for one of our wedding celebrations. Turks and Caicos was a location my Umbrella Drunk girlfriends and I have been wanting to visit for awhile but haven't made it to yet. A wedding celebration seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to go with our significant others.

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Guam, Saipan, Tinian (Nov 2017)

To help anyone traveling to Guam, Saipan and Tinian (both in the Northern Mariana Islands), here is an outline for our trip there in November 2017.  We traveled to Guam from the U.S. mainland via Honolulu, Hawaii.  We arrived late in the evening, picked up our Thrifty rental car and drove to our hotel - the Days Inn Guam, where we crashed for the night.  

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Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (Oct 2018)

(Jen took this part of her trip solo in October 2018).

Recently, a friend of mine, who I met in Antarctica and who has traveled all over the world, asked for recommendations for a tour guide company for his trip to the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). I was a bit surprised because I never considered those countries to be so difficult to travel to that a tour company was needed, but maybe I was wrong. So I figured I would write a trip report to help anyone else traveling there.

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Alaska (Jul/Aug 2018 and Jun/Jul 2019)

Alaska is a beautiful state, full of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. In the summer of 2018 and again in 2019, we spent two-weeks exploring the National Park units there. Alaska is an expensive place to visit and finding information on how exactly to visit these park units can be difficult. As such, I have put together this resource guide not only documenting our trips, but providing the information and links I gathered in hopes of helping future Alaskan adventurers. Due to the parameters of posting Articles in this Questing Community, this resource guide is broken up into a four-part series.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from the information and the stories I have outlined. Keep in mind, there may be many other ways to visit some of these places. This guide only outlines the adventures we had and the outfitters we used or gathered research on.

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Bosnia - The Federation and Republika Srpska - 2017

When many people think of Bosnia, they think of the awful civil war from the 1990s. My friends, Bosnia is no longer full of civil strife. It is a really beautiful and cheap destination to visit in the Balkans in southeastern Europe and I hope this article outlining the things that I saw in Bosnia changes your mind about visiting.  Bosnia is made up of two distinct entities: the Republika Srpska (primarily Serb ethnic makeup) and the Federation (primarily Muslim and Croat ethnic makeup). Both are extremely interesting to visit. One difference between the two is that the writing on the road signs in the Republika Srpska (which is a separate country on the Travelers Century Club list) is in Cyrlic script and in the Federation is in Latin script. Another thing to be aware of is that taxi drivers in the Federation may be unwilling to drive you to the Republika Srpska, and vice versa, due to various regulations.

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Welcome to our Adventures!

Hi and welcome! We are Scott and Jen, a couple who loves to spend time traveling, well, everywhere! After having to accept that we are getting older (what are you talking about, we're both still 25), we have come to realize how precious memories are and how easily lost memories can be. So we decided to create this website mostly to document where we go and what we do in our travels (and something for our mom's to read in order keep up track of us). That way we can always look back and see what we did, where we went, and all the fun details. This is also a piece of our philosophy of maximizing our Return on Adventure.

But why should we be the only ones to benefit from our travels. So much travel research is done online and we go to some out-of-the-way places (and some very well known ones too). So we figured we would share our knowledge and experiences with you too. This also gives us a place to send our friends to look at when we get the inevitable question: where did you explore when you went to X place?

So unlike what seems like every other travel website or travel blog, our site isn't about telling you about the 10 Best Places to See in X Country/Place, or Top Things to do in Y Place. This just highlights the places we visited, the things we did, and the events of our trips. Our posts won't be written for online blogging and they'll likely be long, but they'll be authentic (and ad-free!) We have learned over the years of travel that time and money is limited and so we travel and experience places and things we enjoy, not what the guidebooks necessarily say to do. But hopefully you enjoy it and get out and adventure the world more.