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Hi and welcome! We are Scott and Jen, a couple who loves to spend time traveling, well, everywhere! After having to accept that we are getting older (what are you talking about, we’re both still 25), we have come to realize how precious memories are and how easily lost memories can be. So we decided to create this website mostly to document where we go and what we do in our travels (and something for our mom’s to read in order keep up track of us). That way we can always look back and see what we did, where we went, and all the fun details. This is also a piece of our philosophy of maximizing our Return on Adventure.

But why should we be the only ones to benefit from our travels. So much travel research is done online and we go to some out-of-the-way places (and some very well known ones too). So we figured we would share our knowledge and experiences with you too. This also gives us a place to send our friends to look at when we get the inevitable question: where did you explore when you went to X place?

So unlike what seems like every other travel website or travel blog, our site isn’t about telling you about the 10 Best Places to See in X Country/Place, or Top Things to do in Y Place. This just highlights the places we visited, the things we did, and the events of our trips. Our posts won’t be written for online blogging and they’ll likely be long, but they’ll be authentic (and ad-free!) We have learned over the years of travel that time and money is limited and so we travel and experience places and things we enjoy, not what the guidebooks necessarily say to do. But hopefully you enjoy it and get out and adventure the world more.

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